Monday, May 4, 2009

Pulai Spring Resort

A short trip that i have dreamt about since last year..all i want is just to get rid of all the stresses, worries, tiring schedule and calls from customers or supplier that tensed me up...Recession, Retrenchment, Restructure and all sort of bad news...and now the Swine flu...what else?

02/05/09- a short rest n relax trip to Pulai Spring resort..located in Johor...was so excited to have this trip with my parents, sis n family, and ofcoz with my love one.. i was so disapointed hearing most of the chalet, resorts and hotels in singapore were fully booked...until my colleague recommended this resort to is a bit far from Singapore, but surprisingly there were still few suites available. We made the decision within an hour to confirm the booking for a 3 bedroom wasnt that expensive for an accomodation that can fit 7 cost only RM388 with 6 breakfast..
In fact, price doesnt matter anymore... it was all about the feel of excitement of getting a place to go for the long weekend..we met up at my sis place early in the morning, and head straight to the resort..custom check point was smooth and we arrived in JB few hours before the check in time, so we decided to have our lunch 1st at Jusco. Another familiar shopping center just few KM from the resort, food was great and lunch time was even more relax with no worries in mind.
Checked in at 2pm, and room was better than what we expected...a living room, dining area, 3 bedrooms, and TV with channel that i can watch my favourite sports.. swimming pool was just outside the room that u can see some bikini kids playing around..
Audrey n Ashley were so excited..running here n there..playing hide n seek..laughing out loud like no1 business..they are so blessed to have each other as sisters, playmate, schoolmate, and companion throughout their life. .

After resting for about an hour, swimming time!!everyone was getting ready with their swimming suit on. It was windy and sunny day out there..what could be better than soaking the body in the water and relax??? Let;s go...

Even babies love was damn hot for the past few weeks..i have been waiting for a chance like this to soak my whole body in the water to cool myself down like the Hippo..finally i got the chance to do so..see how Audrey and Ashley reacted when they 1st reached the pool side..
Audrey loves water...but Ashley was just too affraid of getting wet..but she was cool after sometimes..She didnt even need the float...haha..
This is another trip that i dont wish to end...those are smiles that i took, and what else worth more than that? the quantity of life? or the quality of life? which are we looking for? we often take things for granted that we have sometimes forgotten the way to is so short...nothing goes better than spending times with all your love one...i guess no1 disagree...

Thank you Lord,
Thank you for everything that You have given me.
Thank you for not leaving me when i needed you the most.
Thank you for your never ending loves on me and my family...Amen..

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wedding Day...Whats that?!

A wedding is the ceremony in which two people are united in marriage. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religious, countries, and social classes. Most wedding ceremonies involve an exchange of wedding vows by the couple, presentation of a gift (offering, ring(s), symbolic item, flowers, money), and a public proclamation of marriage by an authority figure or leader. Special wedding garments are often worn, and the ceremony is followed by a wedding reception.(

Definition about Wedding? Alan's dictionary defines Wedding day as the "most" day in life (in singapore):

Spend most of the time to keep a look out for future nest (HDB)
Spend most of the time to go through the balloting thinggy (which i doubt its fairness)
Spend most of the time to find for re-sale flat (out of no choice)
Spend most of the time to view flat
Spend most of the time to deal for the flat
Spend most of the time to search for Solemnization venue
Spend most of the time to invite Solemnizer
Spend most of the time to filter guest list for Solemnization
Spend most of the time to search for Hotel for Wedding Banquet
Spend most of the time to view hotels
Spend most of the time to filter and short-list hotels
Spend most of the time to count and result the number of guest
Spend most of the time to search for Bridal Shop (here comes the most headache one)
Spend most of the time to hear those feedback/review from ex-brides and grooms
Spend most of the time to finalise and decide which shop to choose
Spend most of the time to start trying up Brides Gown
Spend most of the time to start looking for photo shooting location
Spend most of the time to shop for Wedding Band
Spend most of the time to shop for furnitures
Spend most of the time to shop for Wedding Shoes
Spend most of the time to look for movers
Spend most of the time to.... (That's all far...)

Spend most of the saving to get proposal ring (Guys, This is a must!!..ok, i noe i noe !!)
Spend most of the saving to pay the down-payment for flat
Spend most of the saving to buy furnitures
Spend most of the saving to buy Wedding Band
Spend most of the saving to pay for Solemnization
Spend most of the saving to pay for Wedding banquet
Spend most of the saving to pay for Bridal Photo packages
Spend most of the saving to pay for photographer AND videographer
Spend most of the saving to pay for bride's "ping jing"
Spend most of the saving to pay for shoes
Spend most of the saving to pay for those "jie mei" who think it is funny to make fun of the Groom
Spend most of the saving to pay for ..... (i guess nothing more..but i'm broke..too bad)

Afterall, i turned from Hero to Zero($$)....

Merciful God, i pray that your blessing pour over me..i pray for the strength to maintain the love n kindness to my wife-to-be...i pray for the wisdom to make wise decisions..i pray for the guidance towards a blessed marriage life...i pray for the protection and loves surrounds our nest..i thank you Lord for all the blessings and everything You've given me...Amen.

P/s: Guys, this can be a check list if u r planning for urs and .... IT IS FREE...


Thursday, March 5, 2009

The 7th Day...Is it too late?

06/03/2009- the seventh of rememberance for my uncle- Mr Tiger

Seven days ago, he was still in pain..the cancer cell started to pop out and obviously seen on his foot and hand.That was how much the cell has "conquered" his organs..but i noe,he didnt give up..he fighted with it since he was diagnosed until the last moment that God answered his prayer..God held his hand and brought him back to Heaven..he left all of us peacefully. He smiled..bcoz he made it..Ngiu, 1st Gio n him are gonna have a reunion party up there??

1st blog in my life on the remembrance day (chinese culture)..Am I writting this to show others how much i love him?to show how much i miss him? or just to show how good i can blog??who cares?!? but I truely miss him!!

Few days back, received a call from my sis. I was told the way he looks like when they opened up the coffin for viewing. He looks peace with slide smiling face..he looks exactly like having a deep sleep but without his "trade-marked" snoring sound..she cried on the phone asking me how can i comfort her..At that instant, i got choked by sobs..i was so lost n speechless..wat else can i say? wat else can i do?

When he was still in kuching, when he was still alive, my dad asked me to call him as often as i can..but i didnt..i noe i wont be able to hold my tears and that would make him feel even worse (what the fxxking excuse is tat?)..but i really wish i could just pick up the phone n make the call.maybe just to say hi...but its too late..everythg is different from the day he left..i lost another uncle who has pampered me tat much..Rushed in the express boat to give me a big ang bao and told me "this is for anythg u like..dont save it when it comes to as u like.." ~~this wil not happen anymore.. sob sob...

From this moment on, i will not mention about this will be forever kept in my heart..becoz i dun need others to agree how much i love much i miss much impact hit me badly, and how much i cherish all the memories flashed tru my mind..


Thank you..i noe i should have said it long time sorry for all the ignorance..i couldnt make it to see u for the last time..this wil b the thorn that tick off me whenever i think of, so steady loh, can meet 1st Gio n Ngiu up there..can teach them to sing the song u like the most - ( ) listening to it now..i can feel the peace u had from the song..we r sad, but we all noe that, this is the way u have asked for..God has answered ur envy..sob sob..we will meet again one day.. oh ya, u havent tell me the way to cook "the chicken in bamboo" ..lawa siao..this is somethg u owe me..Good Bye Gio...hugs~~

" Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal "